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Students! Find out how to turn Digiclass into a rewarding learning experience by becoming familiar with the site.

Instructors! Please check the orientation to get acquainted with Digiclass and its many innovative features. Instructors who are already familiar with Digiclass but would like to review how to set up their personal Instructor Pages should specifically look at slides 20-33.

Digiclass recently converted to the Unicode system for displaying multiple languages. As a result of the change, some files may not display correctly. If you have problems viewing a file, please notify us at digiclass_help@brokenmail.rutgers.edu please replace brokenmail with ctaar.rutgers.edu.

New Addiditions
Assignments available 24-7!
Professors now have their own pages where they can post assignments and notes to students. Links to these pages are listed in the lower right hand corner of the Reference Column when inside a department's section.
Administrators, Professors, Students: If you would like to be involved in Digiclass, to expand an existing topic, or to introduce a new one, please contact us at the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research at (732) 932-7466 or via email at digiclass_help@brokenmail.rutgers.edu please repl\ ace "brokenmail" with ctaar.rutgers.edu.